Curate Your Own

Create your own unique gift box.
We have three sizes to choose from, with layouts we know look and work well.
So to get started 1. Choose your box size and layout. 2. Scroll through your product options, and choose.

All our products are available to read about in more detail throughout our online store.
Each box includes tissue paper, shredded paper fill, gift ribbon, gift tag and a hand-written note with your words.

If you want to see all of our gift designs in one place, and are happy with our choices then head to handpicked with love
If you are wanting to send a big hug through small thoughtful gifts then head to our letterbox range

Gift Box

£4.00 inc VAT

more on the way

it takes time to get our little gift shop online:-)
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Sweetpea Four

A5 Shallow Curated Gifting from...
£4.00 inc VAT

Sweetpea Three

A5 Shallow Curated Gifting from...
£4.00 inc VAT