Advanced Remedial + Sports Massage

Ana Maia MacLellan DARM, SMTO, CNHC

At Northwest Massage Clinic we like to keep a clear goal in mind.
Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, managing a long-term condition or seeking advice on work/ lifestyle related pain, we're here to help.
We work together with you to identify and remove aggravating factors, reduce pain and discomfort and encourage long-term change.

Advanced Remedial Massage. Sport Remedial Massage.
Frequently Treated:
Low Back Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Golfer's Elbow
Knee Pain
Tennis Elbow
Muscle Strains
Muscle Sprains
Neck Pain
Pelvic and Sacral Pain
Foot pain including Plantar Fasciitis
Regaining movement after Surgery/Injury
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Shoulder Pain

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Coming from a small island in the Outer Hebrides, where community, physical work and outdoor pursuits are the way of life it has always been natural to combine physical and mental wellbeing with lifestyle is a synergistic way.
Over the course of 6 years Ana studied at Scottish Massage Schools and worked 6 days a week in an osteopathy clinic, working alongside osteopaths as well as running her own clinic. As a naturally curious person, continuing education and engaging with the latest scientific research motivates her to continue learning and striving to be an effective practitioner.
Year 2020- Northwest Massage Clinic was established after a big move to Lancashire, and we are proud to have Ana work out of Lavender Barn