Minx Nails

*Extending fashion to your toes. This fabulous nail armour is smudge proof, chip proof and requires no drying time. There are many different designs from
strips, polka dot to flowers and check.*

MINX TOES 60 minutes - £30
Foot soak, nail file, cuticle care and application of minx

MINX PEDICURE 75 minutes - £40
File, cuticle care, hand and arm massage, coloured or French polish

*Depending on how you care for your nails outside of the salon, GELeration should last 2-3 weeks and Minx 4-8 weeks.
Please arrive 10 minutes early if you need your polish removing. Allow 15 minutes after appointment for nail polish to be touch dry. Please bring open toe sandals
when having a pedicure, so not to disturb your polish.*

*Course of five manicures or pedicures. Pay for four and receive one free.
6 month expiry*