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We invite you to escape from your everyday life, to relax your mind, body and soul. The Lavender premier team of experts await, to provide pure service of quality and relaxation. Begin your exquisite journey with us to real beauty, not just from the outside but most importantly from deep within. An infusion of influences over the years has led to the Lavender Barn creation. We hope to make a difference in your life, leaving you relaxed refreshed with vitality, energy and sunshine in your soul.

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Microsonic Face Device

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Sublime Ampoules

Comfort Zone
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Hydramemory Ampoules

Comfort Zone
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Sheet Mask Pumpkin

Pro Beauty
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Sheet Mask CBD Oil Infused

Pro Beauty
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Vintage Bouquet

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Gift Card from

£20.00 inc VAT

Little Seedlings

Oak and Stone
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Special Mum

East of India
£3.60 inc VAT

Matchbox Pram

£6.00 inc VAT

On the Grid

20th July , 2021 20 / 07 / 2021 Tuesday, 20th July
Polite and small request… For the short term at least, we request that clients and customers still wear a face mask on entering our premises if you can. This is our place of work and a sanctuary to many of our clients. We want our employees and clients to feel safe in our environment. We respect everyone’s feelings are different, but feel it is a small ask. We are keeping the Perspex screens up, so whilst seated at the manicure tables you can of course remove your masks as we have that barrier in place. Any close face to face contact work in the treatment rooms where a mask can be worn we would appreciate it. Our air flow system is still set to bring clean air in and out, (and not circulate) keeping our salon environment fresh. Yesterday was not freedom day for many businesses, with more staff having to isolate than ever before we feel we would like to carry on trying to keep our environment as clean and as safe as we possibly can helping to minimise spread and possible closures. We know having had one case of covid, our cleaning, sanitising and mask wearing prevented any cross infection so with cases rising we will carry on with what works for us. Thank you in advance, Helen #salonlife #covidsecure #beautytherapy #wearamask #respectforothers
7th May , 2021 07 / 05 / 2021 Friday, 7th May
• n e w p r o d u c t • • Hydramemory Ampoules - Intensive 7 day treatment increasing hydration by 95% in a week. Moisturising and brightening, a moisturising concentrate that makes the skin plumper, softer and more radiant. FRAGRANCE-FREE 94.5% natural ingredients • Sublime Skin Ampoules - Intensive 7 day treatment improving firmness and expression lines by 90% in a week. Firming and plumping, an anti-aging concentrate that leaves the skin fuller and smoother and makes wrinkles less visible. FRAGRANCE-FREE 99.5% natural ingredients Now Available In Salon and online. For a very limited time we are giving you the hydramemory ampoules box free with a microsonic face device purchase. 🙌 #comfortzone #intensiveskincare #hydration #firmness #cleansingdevice #skincare #wellness #selfcare