Hydramemory Ampoules

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Responding to the growing demand for products inspired by dermatological treatments, with immediate, visible results, [ comfort zone ] presents two new very effective, concentrated, clean and vegan formu ampoules dedicated to younger and more mature skin which bestow glow and rejuvenation within 7 days!

Hydrating and illuminating concentrate that makes the skin plumper, smoother and radiant. Recommended for younger skin 25 to 40 years, and for more mature skin in very hot climate.


Efficacy Tests
95% of women feel that their skin is more hydrated.*
90% of women report that their skin is smoother.*

100% of women report more elastic and brighter skin.*
*Clinical tests by an independent laboratory_ panel of 20 people aged between 25 and 40.

Use the ampoules periodically, at times when the skin requires intensive care or after a professional facial treatment, to prolong the results over time.

To maximize the results of the ampoules, we have designed a ritual to accompany the application of the two products. Visit www.comfortzoneskin.com to watch the video.
1.Place the drop counter on the head of the vial.
2.With a firm movement, open the vial by breaking it at the level of the pre-breaking ring.
3. Remove the broken part and position the drop counter on the neck of the open vial.
4. Exert light pressure on the drop counter to release around half of its contents onto the palm of your hand.
5. Dab the product on your cleansed face, neck and chest until fully absorbed.
6. Place the vial back upright and place the cap on the drop counter, ready for the next application.

Please see the pdf booklet at the bottom of the description and benefit tab to follow.

Active Ingredients
NIACINAMIDE Also known as vitamin PP, it is moisturizing and brightening and actively protects the skin barrier.

NAG N-ACETYL GLUCOSAMINE Obtained through the natural process of fermentation, it works in combination with Niacinamide for optimal glow and antioxidant protection.

PGA POLYGLUTAMIC ACID Obtained through the natural process of fermentation, it mimics the action of Hyaluronic Acid, improving deep hydration and preventing skin dehydration.


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