Time For Me

Time For Me

Friday 15th January 2021


Learn more about how aromatherapy can be the key to stress relief and how the use of essential oils can boost mood, minimize stress and foster a clear mindset

Aromatherapy: the perfect way to calm and peace
In a world governed by an ever-changing news cycle, fast-paced work environments and information overload, it's no surprise that many of us are feeling stressed out and anxious. While we often place the care of our physical bodies at the top of our priorities list, our mental health is equally as important.

Stress has a way of wreaking havoc on our sleep cycles, appetites, skin, and energy. When left unchecked, it can cause headaches, chest pain, muscle tension and fatigue as well as negative responses such as angry outbursts, overeating, insomnia, and even unhealthy habits like tobacco and alcohol abuse. Fortunately, there are natural ways to handle everyday stressors and cultivate a positive, healthy way of life.

What is aromatherapy and how does it work?
Also referred to as essential oil therapy, aromatherapy is a holistic wellness approach that uses extracted plant materials - mainly oils - to improve physical, emotional and mental health. The discovery of this science dates back to early 1900s when a French chemist discovered that lavender essential oil helped heal his burns and then coined the term "aromatherapy". Since then, various forms of essential oils have been used to help heal both mind and body.

Today, aromatherapy is an umbrella phrase that speaks to a wide number of treatments. However, it mainly refers to the use of essential oils directly applied to the skin or released into the air to target a particular physical, emotional, or mental ailment. Here are the most common applications or uses of aromatherapy:

● Air diffusers

● Scented room spritzers

● Bath salts infused with essential oils

● Body lotion, cream, and oils

● Facial applications through infused steam, compresses, or masks

Aromatherapy for stress relief: discover your new daily routine to wellbeing and relaxation
To shed your stress and reinvigorate your mind, choose [ comfort zone ]'s Tranquillity™ line, our aromatherapeutic line designed to promote a sense of relaxation and wellbeing in the comfort of your home. Each Tranquillity™ product features an iconic relaxing blend of essential oils - with light notes of Damascus rose, Sweet Orange and Cedawood - to nurture and calm frantic nerves without overwhelming the olfactory glands.

With another lockdown, discover how to create a daily aromatherapy routine at home for stress that will bring relaxation and wellbeing to your mind and body. We use Tranquility in our 'Welcome ritual in all our [ comfort zone ] treatments, and specifically our Pro-Sleep where you are indulged in this aromatic fragrance.

Your daily de-stress routine for wellbeing and relaxation
Start with soothing scents...
Start and end your day with the soothing Tranquillity™ Blend, a refreshing and relaxing fragrance that features a unique combination of calming Cedarwood and soothing Sweet Orange essential oils. Apply to your pulse points, neck and behind the ear to promote energy and harmony throughout the day or fosters a deeply relaxing environment when the sun sets. Bonus point, Tranquillity™ Blend can also be diluted in body creams or lotions for a more intense aromatherapeutic action.

Cleanse Your Body, Cleanse Your Soul
Before heading out of the door, or getting into bed, cleanse your body while enjoying a moment of pure relaxation with the help of our Tranquillity™ Shower Cream, your best companion to cleanse and hydrate your skin. Cleansing your body is a key stress reliever, a form of self love proven to elicit feelings of warmth, relaxation and refreshment. While under the shower, make sure to take a moment to slow down and breathe, taking in all the power and benefits of our blend of essential oils for an immediate sense of balanced wellbeing.

If you prefer warm baths to showers, in addition to Tranquillity™ Shower Cream, add a few drops of Tranquillity™ Oil( my absolute favourite!) to your bath for an aromatic, hydrating soak that will leave your skin feeling silky and perfectly hydrated while you unwind and indulge in its exclusive blend of essential oils.

After Shower Skincare Love
After cleansing your skin, always restore your hydration levels. Especially at night, before your restful sleep, prep your skin by massaging in our luxurious Tranquillity™ Oil, ideal to be incorporate in your aromatic bath but also in your healing and hydrating after-shower routine. Our Oil's formula contains Amaranth Oil which makes this product suitable to be massaged directly on to the body, in lieu of lotions or body creams. Apply all over your body for a glowy, aromatic sheen. If you're looking for extra hydration, mix a few drops into your [Tranquillity™ Body Cream] to lock in moisture. Hydrating and soothing your body before sleep is essential for waking up rested, refreshed and free of tension. Especially in the harsh winter weather, it's important that we take extra care of stressed skin by providing the proper nourishment and protection, in the form of hydration.

Depending on the time of year and your specific skin type, Tranquillity™ Body Lotion is an after-shower favorite for those seeking a light, hydrating treatment. Free from harmful silicones, this essential oil-infused lotion is specially-designed to be easily absorbed by the skin, without leaving a greasy residue behind. The blend's light notes of rose and geranium mingle with musky cedarwood, offering a balanced, alluring scent that restores serenity.

Set the Mood
The atmosphere you cultivate around yourself, during the day and throughout the night, can either help to minimize or contribute to your stress. Our bodies are more receptive and reactive to our environments than you may think.

In conjunction with our eyes and ears, our olfactory receptors are responsible for taking in our surrounding environment at all times. These receptors communicate the mood of our atmosphere to our brain. Your home is a safe space, a sanctuary for retreat at the end of a long day. Create a peaceful environment to encourage serenity and synergy between your mind and body with our [Tranquillity™ Candle], an aromatic, relaxing candle with light notes of rose and cedarwood that will infuse any room with pure, calming vibe.

To make your Candle even more powerful, compliment it with Tranquillity™Room Spray, a water-based, ambient spray that will help diffuse the iconic Tranquillity™ blend around your space. Tranquillity™ Room Spray and Tranquillity™ Home Fragrance (at time of issue we still have some limited edition 50ml sizes left from Christmas) encourage an optimally relaxing energy as we sleep and as we go about our days. Try setting the home fragrance diffuser in a highly trafficked area to leave the air infused with mood-boosting essential oils.

As aromatherapy is one of the most pleasant, rewarding, natural treatment methods to alleviate anxiety, a combination of aromatic skincare products and home products creates a powerful, complete self care routine that minimizes the physical and mental symptoms of stress, by treating the source of stress.

[ comfort zone ] blends science and nature to provide healthy, effective treatments for body and mind. In particular, our beloved Tranquillity™ line comprehends essential oils for stress relief, using naturally-derived ingredients to cleanse and hydrate the skin while rebalancing and relaxing your mind as well. Treat yourself with any product from the Tranquillity™ line to reap the health benefits of an exclusive essential oil blend.