Shaving Tips for Men

Shaving Tips for Men

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Take a little extra time for yourself in your daily grooming regime and discover our three simple steps to achieve a streamlined shave.

A daily ritual for many, mastering the art of shaving can seem like a complex task. From razor burn to irritation and redness, the struggle to find the right products to address our skin concerns can feel like a daunting process. Take a little extra time for yourself in your daily grooming regime and discover our three simple steps to achieve a streamlined shave.

A smooth shave starts with soft skin. After showering with one of our invigorating Bath & Shower Gels, ensure to cleanse and hydrate your face with warm water. The steam from the shower will help to open your pores and soften your facial hair before shaving, enabling the razor to glide more easily over your skin. Alternatively, if you're pushed for time, simply apply a hot towel to your face for a minute or two. This will have a similar effect, and also adds a little luxury to your daily routine as you experience your own hot towel shave.

After cleansing, the next step comes down to personal preference. Thankfully, achieving the perfect shave has never been easier thanks to our collection of Shave Gels, Creams and Soaps. Here we outline the benefits of each for every skin type:

One of the more traditional methods of shaving, step back to basics with our Shave Brush and Shave Stone. A modern twist on a classic grooming kit essential, simply work the brush into the soap to build up a rich lather and lift your facial hairs, then apply to your face using small, circular motions. The bristles on our shaving brush are gentle enough for all skin types, yet thick enough to provide a brisk exfoliation before shaving.

For those with more sensitive skin, we would recommend applying our Shave Gel with your fingers to work up a rich lather on your face. Allow the gel to sit and soak into your skin for a minute or two to provide further protection and enhanced razor glide. Then, making sure to go with the grain of your hair, lightly glide your razor across your facial hair for a streamlined shave. Whether you choose the crisp, clean scent of our Machrie Shave Gel or the spiced, wooded fragrance in our Lochranza Shave Gel, both contain glycerin, aloe vera and Pro-Vitamin B5, known to enhance skin condition and soothe delicate skin.

For everyday use, we would opt for the light lather found within our Machrie Shave Cream or Lochranza Shave Cream. Not only do both keep facial hairs hydrated which makes them easier to cut, they also create a thin layer of protection between the blade and the skin to avoid redness and irritation. Once applied to skin using your fingertips, ensure to use light strokes in a steady, constant motion with your razor to avoid snagging and irritation. No matter which fragrance you prefer, each of our Shave Creams are enhanced with tea tree and peppermint essential oils to provide a cooling and refreshing sensation along with the added benefits of moisturisation.

The third and final step in your new grooming ritual considers how to care for and nourish your skin after shaving. Once you've washed away any remaining product from your face with warm water, we would always recommend following up with a quick splash of cold water. Not only will this rejuvenate and refresh your skin, the cooling temperature will also help to close your pores which helps to prevent any discomfort. Then simply pat, rather than rub, your face dry to avoid any snagging or irritation.

For an extra step of indulgence, round off your daily routine with our Post Shave Balm, available in Lochranza or Machrie. Each containing actives of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, renowned to nourish and revitalise, ensure skin is kept calm and hydrated by gently applying to your face after shaving.

ref and advice taken from Arran