Microsonic Face Device

£150.00 inc VAT

a lithium-ion (Li-Po) polymer battery in the handle. The battery is rechargeable.

An exclusive skincare device with double ULTRASOUND and MICROCURRENT technology, used by professionals, with three main effects:
1. Deep cleansing of the skin, to remove the top layers of the skin and prepare the skin for subsequent treatments. (SONIC mode)
2. Regenerative anti-aging stimulation of the deeper layers of the skin using microcurrents, which serve as a powerful stimulator for cellular metabolism and cutaneous circulation. (MICRO mode)
3. Optimization of product absorption and regenerative massage which significantly improves skin hydration
and facilitates the absorption of the active ingredients of any cosmetics applied. (SONIC + MICRO mode)
The device delivers a complete, highly effective facial treatment in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
It offers a range of modes based on technology, intensity and the position of the blade.

Please see the full brochure and manual on the descriptions and benefits tab for instructions on use. This is included in with your microsonic device.


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