Wellbeing Bruise Balm

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PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: This balm will gently soothe bumps and bruises and reduce inflammation - naturally. Great for the little trips in life and for pre and post exercise too. Arnica relieves bruising. St John's wort eases pain and swelling, Cinnamon is an anti-inflammatory and Hyssop has antiseptic qualities to help repair tissue damage. 100% organic.

TAKE A BREATH: Bruise Ease Balm (Arnica Ointment)
Massage over the skin morning and night concentrating on any bruises. Can be used anywhere on the body and work particularly well when combined with the Rosemary Ointment.( muscle soothe)

The Made for Wellbeing range of balms have been created to be your organic first aid kit. Our production techniques maximise the 'life force' of the ingredients so only a little is needed. Simply apply to the area required and promote natural wellbeing.