Team lavender

Our team are all fully qualified Beauty Therapists/ Aestheticians. They have extensively trained on specialist certified courses in further areas of beauty. With on-going training in specialists areas, our therapists have a wealth of knowledge and expertise ready to pass onto you


Hello, I have been in the beauty industry for over two decades and love it just as much now as when I first trained.

Best thing About Your Job
Being able to give a person time to relax has to be the perfect job. As a beauty therapist I love the holistic side, leaving you the client completely relaxed, indulged and most importantly feeling good about yourself.

If you escape for some ME time what treat would you choose?
Always a full body massage, for my limbs to feel weightless, to empty my mind and to have complete peace from within....oh its heaven for me.

Specialist treatment you love to do
CACI and Spa Facials

Favourite holiday;
from childhood: Switerland
from Adulthood Australia, (but with third child in tow! Bude,for family fun together)

Favourite movie of all time
Stand By Me

Whats the one thing you'll never do again
Paraschute jump, loved it but don't need to do it again...

Starter or desert
Always a starter

What would you rather do; mow the lawn, wash the dishes, clean the bathroom or vacuum the house?
Wash the dishes