Lavender + Spearmint Calming Mist

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Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist Spray 100ml

Promote relaxation and create a sense of peace with the calming properties of this Lavender and Spearmint Calming Mist Spray, great for promoting sleep when used as a pillow spray.

About the fragrance
A timeless infusion of lavender, geranium and sage, lifted with a twist of spearmint. For escaping to a space of island calm, this spray can be used throughout the day or at bedtime. The blend of lavender and spearmint will aid tension reduction and encourage relaxation.

For best results use after a relaxing bath using Glen Iorsa Bath & Shower Gel. Spray a couple of spritz within your room or directly onto your pillow to promote a restful night's sleep.